About Me

Hi, I’m Sally
I’m an artist and designer living in Norwich, UK

I offer bespoke graphic design and illustration for printed and digital projects; private tutoring and creative workshops.

You will soon be able to buy digital prints of my artwork.

Get in touch for more information.

Sally Marrakech

I sell digital prints of my artwork inspired by music and travel. I use handmade processes – drawing, painting, and collage to inspire my digital prints and illustration. New online shop coming soon.

Workshop collage
Sally Franks

I have been a creative designer for over 10 years. I design logos, printed materials, websites and digital content. I especially love creating brands and building identities. If you want to launch or enhance a brand, get in touch!

My illustration style is bold and playful. I like to focus on mixing bold and soft colours and combinations of graphic and organic forms. I generally work in flat perspective, simplifying and abstracting.

Flamingo Art Print

I run workshops to inspire creativity. I offer these to individuals, groups, businesses and third sector organisations. They involve writing, sketching, collage and collaborative exercises.

I also offer tuition to novice designers and artists in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I can tailor the sessions to meet your needs.  Contact me for more details.